Adam Sparks= MS. Ed., CSCS Head Performance Coach  ORS Fitness and Sports Performance  Total Performance Training Center

Adam Sparks= MS. Ed., CSCS
Head Performance Coach
ORS Fitness and Sports Performance
Total Performance Training Center


    If you are reading this chances are you are interested in performance training for yourself or athlete you may know. But what is performance training exactly? There are many different names thrown around such as performance enhancement, training, sports specific training, sport performance, but they all are aimed at doing one thing, improving performance of an athlete on the field of play during competition. This is done through the use of speed and agility training as well as balance, coordination, strength training, and plyometrics.

    Now that we know what performance training is, the important question is, why Total Performance? When training our athletes we use a sport specific approach, training sport like movements and energy systems that best fit the needs of each individual. When creating our training plans, whether an athlete is 10 years old or 20 years old we take into account the current performance status of our athletes. This will help us design a training program specific to the athlete, determine the frequency of training for each athlete, which exercises are best fit for the individual, what type of conditioning is necessary amongst other variables. We take pride in building strong foundational movements in each of our athletes ensuring that they know how to jump and land correctly, sprint with proper mechanics, and learn to decelerate their body in a safe manner as well as explosively take off to get back into action! Once athletes can demonstrate their understanding of each movement they will progress onto more challenging drills and exercises that are best fit.

    We have a friendly and experienced training staff that makes it a point to not only focus on the training, but building relationships with each athlete so that they feel comfortable during their Total Performance journey. Our group training environment (up to 5 per group) offers a competitive atmosphere between athletes, but also opportunity to make new friends and train along side others who are here for the same reasons you are, that is to get better each day!

    If you are not convinced yet, we offer a risk free initial evaluation where we put your skills to the test. Measures of upper and lower body strength as well as lower body power, speed and quickness will be taken to determine a baseline.  This will allow you to see your improvement during your Total Performance Experience!

Thanks and hope to see you soon!
-The Total Performance Training Staff