Incredible trainers and an atmosphere unlike any other. You’ll be pushed to your limits and love getting there. Terrific guys always working beside you and a real community feeling with the groups. I couldn’t recommend this place strongly enough. This is a place not only to improve athletically, but to meet new people, make friends, and enjoy yourself.
— Travis B.- Jackson, MI
I strongly recommend this to fellow athletes for all ages and anyone who is looking to improve their athletic abilities
— Chase P. - Jackson, MI

Dana Clark reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 stars

Total Performance is an outstanding choice if you are looking for your athlete to take their game to the next level. My daughter, Hannah, looks forward to going to training each time. The trainers are amazing and take extra care of each athlete to push them to improve. Since Hannah joined the Total Performance team last spring, she has improved in speed, strength and jumping. These were significant increases in a short amount of time. We would recommend Total Performance Training Center in Jackson to anyone- we drive an hour to this outstanding training center!

James Daoust reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 stars

#1 place in Jackson to train. If you or your child is wanting to take your game to the next level, I highly recommend TPTC and their coaches. They know what it takes and will push you to that point and then some. My daughter has been coming to Total Performance for two years now. In that time, she has made significant gains. I look forward to the next couple years of hard training in my daughter's quest to become a Division 1 athlete. Come join her!

Ryan Thompson reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 stars

My Daughter has been going to Total performance for training since September and we have seen major improvement in her speed and strength. After going to another place all summer where we did not see the same results. I now know I can trust their coaches to push her and get the best out of her. They're always willing to talk and give positive feedback and provide us with a game plane to get the most out of her training. My daughter wants to go to the workouts and enjoys being pushed by them. We will continue to go to Total Performance to get the best training possible. Thank you!

Vicki Wilson Harwood reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 stars

I love the Adult Fitness Class with Nick! He is great!

Ted Ahlers reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 stars

I have trusted Total Performance to take my children, Teddy and Noah to the next level. They work individually to supplement the weight training that is being done by the school to ensure the athletes can hit their peak performance. Many friends of the boys have seen the value in the training and have become very active in Total Performance.

Cindy Bierwagen reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 star

Would recommend to anyone. Each trainer cares about who they train and how they train. They understand when an athlete is injured and take their time getting them back into top shape. My son loves it there.

Ciara Allen reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 stars

Would recommend to anyone! Great way to get better as and athlete and also a better lifestyle!! Great environment and tons of fun!!

Charles Rogers reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 stars

Great Adult Fitness program. They are skilled at taking an adult, regardless of fitness level, and making them more fit. If you're a couch potato, they can move you along the road to fitness, and if you're an elite athlete, they can make you more fit. Their only demand - that you give it all you've got.

John Ali reviewed Total Performance Training Center- Jackson, MI —
5 stars

My son loves it! He likes that the staff believes in gives him give him encouragement, confidence and pushes him to constantly work harder to improve.

My 11 year old has been training at Total Performance for a couple of months now. The trainers are AMAZING with him. I have seen a change in his physical strength as well as watching his confidence grow within himself. Thanks to the positive environment and continuous encouragement from all the trainers he has worked with, he always looks forward to his training days which speaks volumes to me.
— Nikki R.- Jackson,MI
The staff at this facility is top notch! Our daughter has been training here for a little over a month and we have had numerous people point out improvements they have seen in her. The staff are very knowledgeable and easy to speak with. We look forward to continuing training at Total Performance.
— Stacey D. - Jackson, MI
We are seeing improvements in her basketball form and technique this summer as she has continued training with you guys. Good initial evaluation followed by great exercises to improve her weak areas is paying off!!
— Pam U. - Jackson, MI