Maximum of 6 athletes per group (smaller groups= individualized attention from coaches)
90 minute sessions include: warm-up, speed, power, agility work, and an individualized strength training program
NSCA and IYCA Certified Coaches
Online Scheduling
Commitment to continuing trainer education
No initial fee or hidden fees

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Why We Do What We Do

In a typical program, a mix of incline treadmill running, agility, plyometrics and acceleration work are used to develop optimal movement patterns and explosive power. We are able to teach proper sprinting mechanics in a unique way that will help an athlete for the rest of his/her life. The speed development is done on our inclined treadmills where the athletes perform short bouts of exercise that replicate the energy requirements of sport. Our experienced coaches are able to correct the athletes form easily because, while running in front of a mirror, we are able to see all angles of the athlete and give immediate corrective feedback. Thus, proper form can drastically enhance speed, both initially and long term.

All programs include plyometrics, power, quickness and multi-directional agility work. We use a variety of techniques, drills, and instruments to enhance starting, stopping, and change of direction.

Athletes receive big performance benefits from our individualized strength training programs. These results make a big difference on the field or court, allowing for faster speed of play, greater stamina, and better overall athleticism. Strength training programs are developed for each athlete after the initial evaluation taking into account how they move, asymmetries and their personal goals. Youth athletes will complete strength training exercises that are safe, improve bone density and help them develop neuromuscular control. Athletes are personally walked through their weight training program and are thereafter supervised and guided by our coaches in a small group setting. Trainers are always available for questions and feedback anytime athletes are here or parents have questions outside of training.