Adult Fitness

Total Performance has a program tailored for adults! Our classes are designed to challenge you, keep you moving, provide structured sessions with a variety of movements. We do this while allowing you to move at your own pace. No matter what shape you used to be in or want to be in we can help get you there.

Training with us at Total Performance will:

  • give you access to professional coach everyday
  • remove and gymtimidation you may get at other gyms
  • allow you to seek out nutritional help and guidance
  • give you individual attention in a group setting
  • create an environment where goals are accomplished and challenges accepted

We take pride in treating everyone with the individual help that they need. No two people are the same nor are their aspirations and challenges. We could all benefit from moving better, being strong at an older age, having more energy, and training at a place where a sense of being is a priority.

  • We include cardio, strength training, and fundamental movements.
  • While our classes can have up to 10 people, our program is tailored to your individual needs throughout each class.
  • Individualized personal training sessions are also available for purchase.
  • Classes are offered at 6:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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