ACL - Bridge Program

Tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), above all other injuries, seems to be the one
event no athlete or parent ever wants to experience. Most understand that an ACL tear will
likely result in a season-ending surgery, months of rehabilitation, and possibly missing a
following season. What is less known though, is that following ACL reconstruction surgery
studies show that less than half return to their sport within a given year, and approximately
1 in 4 may sustain a second significant knee injury. This communicates the extreme
importance of a prolonged and thorough strength and conditioning program prescribed by
professionals to return the athlete to sport, and prevent future injury.

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After you’re done with physical therapy you’re still not ready to return to your
sport. Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists and Total Performance Training Center of Jackson,
MI understands the importance of preventing injury as well returning an individual to their
sport as safely and quickly as possible. Total Performance utilizes a unique and patented
ACL Return to Play (RTP) Program to safely return these athletes to sport. The program
consists of personalized movement training to reteach key movement patterns to help
prevent situations where an athlete may be injured as well as prescribe strength and
condition programs to fit the athlete’s needs.

Program outline: 
-Most athletes are ready to begin the Return to Play program at approximately 4 months
post surgery or when they are finished with their physical therapy.
-The RTP program begins with an individualized 1-on-1 evaluation with our certified performance coach.
-Programs average 2-3 days per week for 8-12 weeks but all programs are individualized
based on the progress of each athlete.
-Each week athletes will schedule 2 training sessions which are followed by their strength
training. The athletes will be encouraged to come in one additional time each week for their third strength training session.
-We do our best to schedule in such a way that you are given 1 on 1 attention throughout your return to play program.
-The 1st  hour of each session is sport-specific movement training and then followed by 30-45
minutes of safe, progressive and comprehensive strength training that’s designed to
strengthen the muscles responsible for knee stabilization.
– As with our other programs, this medically-based protocol is combined with patented
technology to optimize sport-specific and traditional rehabilitation activities.

Program Cost:
$165.00 a month with recommended 3 month commitment